POOJA VIRA is a MakerMom who has a background in jewelry designing and making.  Through this and her own children's desire to become MAKERs and inventors, she has been very excited about the Maker Movement sweeping the world. She is devoted to bringing STEAM and Art opportunities to kids to get them involved in independent thinking and problem solving by motivating them to use their brains and hands to MAKE.

ANDREA STOFF is a MakerMom dedicated to bringing STEAM, arts making and creating to young people. She is equipping, enabling and inspiring kids to hack their own education. She is building the next generation of Makers one event at time.

SARA JONES is a MakerMom and Sea Cliff resident. Her dining room is stocked with LEDs, batteries and wire strippers. She wants to give our kids the opportunity to build things, write code and create.

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